Aaron Olivo

Aaron Olivo

Monotype Completed at NDCAC

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“Art has always been my passion. Ever since I can remember, I have been trying to create myself through art.”

-Aaron Olivo

My grandma would buy me coloring and drawing books where she worked. While I waited for her to get off work, I drew. Over the years, I continued, mostly drawing superheroes and monsters. As a young teenager, I began graffiti. This short-lived adventure landed me in the youth detention center, and ultimately at the front steps of the Museo Latino where I carried out my community service, helping to organize and unpack their first exhibits. This also allowed me to experience our Latino, artistic culture in the flesh. I quickly began using cultura in my drawing.

Unfortunately, I continued down that same path; however, I was able to use art as a way to cope and have hope for a better future. Although I am self-taught, I have had many great influences. During this period of my life, I developed my craft in other mediums: tattooing, watercolor, oil painting, acrylics, airbrush, and pencil. I did numerous murals while incarcerated, along with becoming an assistant art instructor.

After many years of imprisonment and parole, I have been able to successfully turn my life around through art, meditation, exercise, and programs that work.  I am a professional, licensed tattoo artist, and owner of Artists Unbound Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery.  I work with several organizations and Federal Probation programs getting parolees integrated into the workforce and directing kids in a positive direction. I feel like art is the way I can give back.

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