Segura Arts Studio

Two print workshops were held at the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture as part of this project in May 2016 and August 2017. Originally founded as Segura Publishing Company by Joe Segura in 1981, the Segura Art Studio produces and makes accessible significant fine art by underrepresented artists in the Latina/o community. 

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About the Workshops

Part of our work is a result of work in conjunction with a working group on Border and Transnational Migrations, which is involved on a multi-year project that involves four Latino print studios who are working with twenty-four Latina/o artists to create mono prints that address issues of trans-nationality. These works were incorporated into a traveling exhibition program that includes concurrent dialogue sessions pertaining to borders and transnationalism as part of the Humanities Without Walls consortium.

Special thanks to Jill Lerner, Master Printer at Segura Arts Studio, and assistants for the hard work, vision, and guidance provided to the artists as they tried a new form. She was a central and influential figure for the artists to be able to achieve the effects and techniques that went into their prints. 

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