The Chicago Latino ArTchive is an online resource documenting Latino artists active in the city since the early 1920s. It offers biographical information, photographs of artworks, artists’ statements, and related web links. Developed by the Inter-University Program for Latino Research, in collaboration with artists, this resource expands our knowledge and understanding of Chicago modern and contemporary art.

The Latino Art Now! Chicago Latino Virtual Gallery examines the artistic production of 35 artists of Latin American descent and US-born Latinos in the city of Chicago. As an innovative, digital, interactive learning 3-D space, the virtual gallery supports the current broad redefinition of American art prompted by changing demographics. It explores artistic issues, contexts, meanings, visualities and historical groundings in addition to artists’ own engagements with identity, community, public art and the urban space. The Latino Art Now! Chicago Virtual Gallery is a project of the Inter-University Program for Latino Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago in collaboration with the Smithsonian Latino Center.